Clash of Clans - Highest/Max Level 300 Player, Capped Exp, Mission Accomplished!!!

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Highest level on Clash of Clans - Check out my Channel, Daily Clash Vids~~~

Watch till the end, you will get a surprise:)

Capped Exp Bar, can't go any higher. Looks like level 300 is the max level for Clash. Thats good to know, otherwise someone will have to continue the journey to 400. Haha.

Mission Completed. Do stay tuned for my next vid, will be a surprise for my trophies, hahaha. Don't get a shock though.

Level 300:-
Total Exp Needed to Reach Lvl 300,
Lvl 1 = 30 Exp
Lvl 2 - 202 = 50 Exp increment per Lvl
Lvl 202 - 300 = 500 Exp increment per Lvl

Total Exp From Lvl 1 - 202,
30+((50+10,000)/2)x(201-1) = 1,005,030

Total Exp From Lvl 202 - 300,
((10,500+59,000)/2)x(300-202) = 3,405,500

Total Exp From Lvl 1 - 300,
1,005,030 + 3,405,500 = 4,410,530

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